Leadership elevates your organization. That’s where we come in.

At Elevate Partners, a DHR International company, we help your business succeed through leadership. Our focus on leadership development, executive assessment, talent management and succession planning can be applied at any level of your business anywhere around the world.  We ensure that all of the pieces of your organization’s talent management puzzle are assembled correctly, in the most efficient way.

Elevate Partner's Offices

Our international footprint of more than 50 offices ensures that no matter where your people sit, we have the right team to help them reach their highest potential. Our experts have experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and across industries. Together, we have built a global network of coaches, leadership development experts, startups and talent management advisors to deliver the best leadership advisory services available in the industry.

Our areas of expertise include:

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Elevate Partners is comprised of our specialized consultants around the world with a focus on leadership advisory.

Jeff Cohn serves as managing partner of the firm and can be contacted at .