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Regardless of your age, do you believe that you can one day make an impact in the business world?  Are you entrepreneurial, innovative and creative?  If so, we can help you get started on a journey to help discover your authentic leadership style and career sweet spot.

Elevate has 60 offices around the world, and over the past 25 years we have cultivated strong relationships with thousands of top companies — from Silicon Valley startups to Global 1000 iconic brands. Through our deep relationships, exclusive partnerships, and global network of experts, we can help your career in many ways:

Executive Introductions

  • We can help you get to know top-tier executives.
  • Discover some of the world’s best companies, each with very unique cultures and corporate missions.

Executive Assessments

  • We provide access to the same kinds of assessments that we administer to our own senior executive — even CEO — candidates.
  • You’ll go through the process as if you’re an executive candidate ready to be interviewed by the company’s board of directors. There is no better preparation for your future interviews.
  • Candid, objective overview of your strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs.

Coaching and Advice

  • Receive customized coaching, leadership development advice and top-tier internships through our global network of advisors, coaches and business partners.
  • Understand what kind of corporate culture fits your specific values and personality.


  • Provide advice on how to hit the ground running once you get your new job or internship.
  • Receive leadership development advice that will help you round out your skills, interact more effectively with new team members, and hit the ground running. There is no such thing as a perfect leader. Everyone can improve.

What’s in it for Elevate Partners?

Elevate Partners is a company of DHR International, a top global executive search firm with 60 offices around the globe.  Our brand depends on us getting to know — and developing early relationships with — the world’s best talent.  In short, we want to get to know future leaders today.

Our Partners

Over the past 25 years our team has created an unmatched global network of experts and advisors including:  coaches, executive educators from top business schools, strategic partners, talent management startups, CEOs and senior level executives, board members, functional and technical specialists.