Executive Onboarding

No leader is perfect. Even the best executives have room to grow and develop.

Armed with a detailed assessment, Elevate Partners provides newly placed executives with highly practical coaching and onboarding advice.

We place a particular emphasis on helping new executives understand:

  • strengths, weaknesses and blind-spots, particularly in the context of the specific behavior requirements of their new job;
  • how to better understand and more smoothly integrate with new team members that likely have different personalities, leadership styles and motivations;
  • how to develop a “100 Plan” to help them succeed within the company’s new corporate culture.

At Elevate Partners, we can provide strategic and tactical onboarding advice for our DHR International and Jobplex placements. We can also provide a fully automated, online solution that helps new recruits efficiently complete cumbersome, time-consuming administrative steps in the onboarding process: from benefits enrollment to training completion to I-9 verification.

We also provide strategic onboarding to ensure that new recruits have a stellar brand experience when learning about the culture of your company, even before their first day of work. This ensures new recruits hit the ground running and are set up for maximum productivity and engagement.