Leadership Assessment

What’s the number one reason talented executives fail when taking a new job? Culture fit. Or better said, the lack of culture fit.

At Elevate Partners we take culture fit seriously.

When a candidate is placed in a different role, everything is new: new company, new culture, new teammates, new products – you name it. And when there is a mismatch between newly recruited talent and existing corporate culture bad things happen. Productivity, engagement and retention all decline precipitously and replacement costs and disruption to the business are profound.

Avoiding this road block requires a sophisticated, objective way to assess both the candidate and culture fit. To do this, Elevate Partners has created a three-pronged approach that we call Triple Check:

  1. Competency based interviewing;
  2. 360 degree referencing;
  3. Leadership style assessment.

As the name suggests, Elevate Partners’ three complementary assessment tools are used to triangulate an unmatched, expert opinion of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and blind-spots. Equally important our Triple Check approach is the industry leading standard to discern whether a relatively unknown candidate can and will excel within an entirely new corporate culture.

When the stakes are this high, our Triple Check approach will ensure the right fit of your company’s next leader.

Leadership Style Indicator

The Elevate Partners Leadership Style Indicator (LSI ®) is the top online psychometric assessment tool. It provides insight into the management and leadership styles of candidates, bringing scientifically-proven data to our clients and enhancing the search process. It is ideal for helping clients assess internal candidates being considered for future promotion and for helping clients assessing the cultural fit of external candidates. More specifically the LSI ® measures the candidate's leadership traits, their fit with the position profile and identifies disruptive behavior. Elevate Partners provides all clients with an easy to read LSI Executive Summary that provides an essential snapshot of each candidate. Perhaps more importantly, in the context of new searches, we provide clients with a snapshot of the candidate’s relative strengths (and weaknesses) in relation to the ideal job requirements/behaviors. We also show clients how candidates will mesh with existing team members and the overall corporate culture.

A little bit of science. Leadership traits are measured with the Leadership Style Indicator, which matches the candidate's leadership style with the company, and has a validity of R>0.5. These results are 25 times more accurate than using interviews alone. The Qualifit ® Selection Report details where a candidate shows very similar characteristics to the Position Success Profile, which was normed using data from 15,000 executive and professional profiles across a broad range of companies.

Derailing factors. Disruptive behavior pattern indicators are embedded in the LSI ® to produce the Development Opportunity Identifier (DOI) report, reducing the risk of a bad hire. DOI patterns were normed using profiles of more than 3,000 executives, managers and professionals. Using the LSI ® reduces the probability of problems in the placement of key people and helps companies understand work and leadership behaviors of their new employee.