Confidently choose the right leader.

When searching for the right leader, many executives go with their gut. Today, with data and predictive models, the subjective “gut feeling” now has the data and analytics to confirm, or disprove, the potential of a new hire.

Identifying and retaining leaders that can grow into their potential, manage the business challenges, and be a cultural fit is an organizational imperative. Through Elevate Partners assessment process we identify the leaders who best facilitate vision, increase performance, and encourage positive change within a company. Determining readiness or ability to step into a role is essential for organizations to make informed decisions about their existing talent.

The Elevate Partners Assessment process creates a clear picture of a leader’s potential, readiness, and fit. Our extensive success using multiple methods to assess individuals includes the triangulating of data results to produce a more global objective perspective of participants, regardless of the situation.

Our Approach

Assessing current and future potential.

Elevate Partners’ assessment approach ensures leaders are working to their potential and beyond.

Elevate Partners’ Assessment Approach

Multiple Data Point Assessment

The Elevate Partners Assessment Process provides a comprehensive view of a leader’s strengths, weaknesses, and developmental opportunities.

Development Priorities

Identify specific development priorities based on the leader’s strengths and specific KPIs that drive the business strategy.

Individual Development Plan

Develop a “working action plan” tied to performance metrics and provide expectations and support to achieve objectives.