Deep Dive CEO Assessment

Using data to find the right leader.

Successful portfolio company CEOs do not fit into a conventional mold. As proof, a survey of managing partners at 32 PE firms, including Blackstone, KKR, and Carlyle, revealed that CEO experience at a publicly traded firm does not prepare a leader for success in an intense PE environment. The data showed that with prior industry experience the leader will have the tendency to run the same playbook that worked in the past rather than driving the change typically required.

These findings make it clear that a thorough assessment of a portfolio company’s CEO is vital to the company’s survival. The Elevate Partners Assessment process creates a clear picture of a CEO’s potential, readiness, and fit. Our extensive success using multiple methods to assess individuals includes the triangulating of data results to produce a more global objective perspective of participants, regardless of the situation.

Our Approach

Ensuring success in the first 100 days.

Deep Dive CEO Assessment

Multiple Data Point Assessment

Our Elevate Partners Assessment Process provides a comprehensive view of strengths, weaknesses, and developmental opportunities.

Development Priorities

Identify specific development priorities based on the leader’s strengths and specific KPIs that drive the business strategy.

Individual Development Plan

Develop a “working action plan” tied to performance metrics and provide expectations and support to achieve objectives.