Executive Succession

Succession matters.

It’s no secret that executive succession planning is critical to shareholder value and long-term company success, but nearly half of companies today cannot name a successor should the incumbent suddenly depart.

Succession planning is the number one responsibility of the Board. Elevate Partners helps Boards minimize leadership transition risks, which can cause enormous economic damage if unchecked.

With business strategy as the foundation, Elevate Partners’ integrated approach draws upon our expertise in executive assessment, leadership development, and executive search. We help organizations understand their talent gaps, identify high-potential leaders, and implement a process to ensure the right leaders are ready when they are needed. To ensure a long-term leadership pipeline, executive coaching and onboarding solutions make the succession process even more seamless.

Our Approach

Alignment to make the most impactful decision.

Elevate Partners’ succession planning approach delivers insight that enables the Board to make well-informed decisions.

Executive Succession Approach

Vision, Strategy & Culture

Interview Board members for clarity and alignment around short-term strategy and aspirational culture.

“Ideal” Candidate Profile

Create a position description of the ideal leader for the next 5 years, even if the Board is already happy with incumbent.

Bench Strength Analysis

Demonstrate how internal executives stack up against best-in class external talent.

Advisory Support

Frame the succession planning process as a leadership development opportunity to identify, retain and further advance high-potential team members.